pasta biologica fusilli_spirulina


Fusilli with spirulian seaweed: 500gr - 10pz

The recipe:

Fusilli with spirulian seaweed with shrimps and zucchini
Ingredients to serve 4:

Fusilli with spirulian seaweed 350gr
Zucchini 200gr
Shrimps 250gr
Cherry tomatoes 250gr
Fresh chili 1
Aglio 1 spicchio
White wine half a glass
Chopped parsley q.s.
Extra virgin olive oil q.s.
Salt and pepper q.s.

Dip in plenty of salted water the dough, in the meantime in a frying pan put some oil and skip the previously washed tomatoes and cut into half with cut zucchini, chili and garlic.

When the tomatoes are cooked add the shrimp (shelled) and cook for a few minutes. Add white wine and salt.
Drain the pasta to the tooth and season with the prepared sauce, remove the chili and the garlic, serve with chopped parsley and a little ground pepper at the time.


paste speciali Fusilli alla Curcuma

with Curcumaa

paste speciali Fusilli all'Alga Spirulina

with spirulian seaweed

paste speciali fusilli pomodoro e basilico

Fusilli with tomato and basil

paste speciali Penne all'Alga Spirulina

Penne with
spirulian seaweed

paste speciali Penne Arrabbiata

Penne alla Arrabbiata

paste speciali penne ortiche e bietola rossa

Penne with nettle and beet root

paste speciali tagliatelle con alga spirulina

Tagliatelle with
spirulina seaweed

paste speciali tagliatelle con alga spirulina

Tagliatelle with

paste speciali spaghetti aglio e peperoncino

Tagliatelle with nettle and beet root

paste speciali Tagliolini allo Zenzero

Tagliolini with Ginger

Tagliatelle con Curcuma

Tagliatelle with



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